Great start to a morning…..

We it seems like we have a great start to the day. Our article on the python in the house was picked up by the Sarasota Herald Tribune and also the Tampa Tribune. Thanks to all the media for there support…

Python Found in Rental House

I received a call from the local police to night about a python in a house. After a 35 minute ride I arrived on scene with fellow wildlife control professional Matthew Hunt. We entered the home and was escorted to a rear bedroom where there was a 4′ python under the hot water heater. Matthew […]

Never Ceases to Amaze Me

A lady calls today and asks Christy to come and remove the neighbors cats as they are urinating and defecating in her yard. Christy advises her to call her local county animal control agency. The lady responds what’s the number Christy told her she did not have the number for the county she resides in. […]

Feral Hogs

When Ponce de Leon arrived in Florida from Spain in 1513, he became famous for many things. He led the first voyage to Florida, and he was known for founding the legend of the Fountain of Youth. In addition to these, theories say that Florida’s feral hogs are descendants of the swine aboard Ponce de […]

Bat Season Approaches

Florida is home to at least thirteen residential species of bats. They are an amazing animal—the only mammals who can fly! Their wings are very similar to a human hand, with joints that can close and grip. They sleep upside down by wrapping their talons around a branch or other surface. They exert little to […]


People do not normally spend much time thinking about their garbage. They put it out on the sidewalk, sometimes the night before, and think nothing of it again. That is, until they wake up the next morning to see garbage all over their lawn and the street. The culprit? Almost always, a raccoon. This, along […]

Ever Thought About a Career in Wildlife Management?

There are an incalculable amount of careers available to people in the United States. Some people find their careers in business, selling to customers and working in an office. Others enjoy the arts and entertainment, making their living as singers or actors. There are yet others who use their genius in science to be doctors, […]

New Blog

Welcome to Nuisance Wildlife Relocation’s new blog. I am so excited that we now have our blog hosted on our website. I will be moving some of the posts over from the old blogger site. I think this will give our customers a way to interact with us and let you to get to know […]