What a long Week……

Wow it has been a super long week here at Nuisance Wildlife Relocation. The West Palm Beach branch is offically open. Whew… I would like to take a moment to thank Mark Jones for joining our family here at NWR. I have known Mark for a good number of years and we worked together when […]

Crab VS Dog

OK so I’m new to Florida, I admit it. Today I had something happen that really got me laughing. While i was out drumming up new leads, I left the dogs in the back yard. It’s fenced in so I was certine they could’nt get into any trouble. (how wrong I was.) When I stoped in for lunch one […]

First day experiance

Woke up with the sun ready to learn how Nuisance Wildlife Relocation does things here. The people I met were the nicest people you could ever meet.  Jeff sent me out with Randy, he and I talked about interesting jobs and and the types of animals i could expect to handle here in FL.  I talked to him […]