Rabies Facts

Domestic animals diagnosed with rabies (Florida 2001) Dogs  1  Cats  16 Cattle 0 Horses/ mules 1 Sheep/goats 0 Swine 0 Other Domestic 0 Wild animals diagnosed with rabies (Florida 2001)  Skunks 0 Foxes 35 Bats 21 Raccoons 130 Rodents/ rabbits 1 Other wild animals 4 Human Rabies (Florida 2001) = none

Coyote Season

This time of year, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) sees an increase in the number of reports of coyotes in urban neighborhoods — and not unexpectedly. As development encroaches upon wildlife habitat, encounters between wildlife and humans are bound to increase, and the coyote is no exception. There is no reason for […]