The big snakes are moving in.

Every once in a while, we get a call to remove a snake, and when I we get there we find a huge python or boa constrictor. These are considered “domestics”, and it is always assumed that they were set loose by some irresponsible owner who could no longer feed and take care of the […]

Closing up the Florida condo for the summer?

If you’re planning to close up the Florida condo for a few months, here are a few things to consider before you leave for home. Two weeks before you leave: Check to see if any prescriptions need to be filled. Cover garage windows. Call Nuisance Wildlife Removal for a FREE inspection. You dont want any […]

Whats that smell in the closet?

On Friday we responded to a call about an odor in a closet. When we arrived we could tell that it was definitely a dead animal odor. The tech went into the attic and retrieved a female rat and 4 young. He then treated the area with enzymes to eliminate the odor, problem solved! Or […]

Tis the season…for bats

Well the maternity season for bats is under way. ¬† We received a phone call on Saturday from a property manager of an apartment complex in Largo. She was frantic‚Ķstated that a tenant had just come in a reported that bats were all in her walls. So we sent out Tommy, our on-call tech, to […]

Choosing a Wildlife Professional

Make sure that you choose a licensed, professional, wildlife control company when you have a nuisance animal. Nuisance Wildlife Removal prides itself on upholding the highest of standards. We have the knowledge of true professionals, as well as experienced, licensed personnel who know how to humanely deal with your wildlife problems. And we’ll do it […]