Python Killing Neighborhood Cats

PORT ORANGE, Fla. — Homeowners who have dangerous wild pythons slithering around their houses may be stuck with them. While the state is cracking down on wild pythons and, for the first time, allowing hunters to kill the snakes in the Everglades, a Port Orange family is having trouble getting someone to get the python […]

Another feral snake found in Florida

HOLIDAY – A large Boa Constrictor was found hiding in a home gutter Tuesday, giving the man who found it quite a scare. “I ran!” said Joe Saint Aubin, a longtime lawn man who was cutting the grass at a customer’s home when he spotted the bulging five-foot snake peeking from a drain pipe. “Nobody […]

Deadly Snake Attack in Florida

OXFORD, FL – An 8 1/2 foot long Burmese Python escaped from an aquarium during the night, in a home with 3 small children sleeping in their beds. When the owner discovered the snake missing in the morning, two year old Shaiunna Hare had already had the life squeezed from her. In the 911 call to police, […]