Rats infest home

When rats infest your home, think of them as tenants who don’t pay rent and won’t clean up after themselves. Evict rodents from your premises by calling a professional who knows how to get rats out of attic spaces, walls, ceilings and crawl spaces. One of the first things our wildlife removal company does is […]

Do it yourself doesnt always work

If you’ve been thinking about DIY rat removal, you may want to think again. As you can see, rats created quite a mess in this garage, chewing through storage cabinets, nesting and leaving droppings and filth everywhere. Instead of calling a reliable rat trapping and mouse trapping service, these homeowners decided to go it alone. […]

Some of the most beautiful stuff we see at our jobs.

                    We’re always busy in this line of work. Still, once in a while, we get to see something beautiful as we’re going from one job to the next. In a place like Lakewood Ranch, a very busy and developed area, you wouldn’t expect to see […]