Raccoon droppings can be toxic

The microscopic eggs that are the infective stage can live in the environment for probably 10 years or more.

Whats up with raccoons?

As we’ve mentioned, the habitable space for raccoons and other wildlife is steadily shrinking, but the raccoon population is burgeoning. That is probably due to, well, an evolution of sorts. Raccoons are on the higher side of the animal intelligence scale, and have learned better than most species how to co-exist (actually blend in) with […]

Cold Weather Can Bring Unwelcomed Guests

People with bird feeders are a prime target for all types of nocturnal visitors, and this easy source of food gives them a reason to make themselves at home. Predators like coyotes regard the family dog or cat as an easy meal when outside, and raccoons will stake out unsecured trash containers even in cold weather since other food sources are in short supply.

The laws concerning the Florida Python Hunt can be confusing.

People seem to be under the impression that the Everglades are now full of hundreds of snake hunters on airboats randomly catching pythons and other large snakes, then collecting a bounty from the state of Florida. That is not the case at all. Those few who are permitted by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission […]

Closing up the Florida condo for the summer?

If you’re planning to close up the Florida condo for a few months, here are a few things to consider before you leave for home. Two weeks before you leave: Check to see if any prescriptions need to be filled. Cover garage windows. Call Nuisance Wildlife Removal for a FREE inspection. You dont want any […]