You never know what you might find in the dumpster…

Several commercial properties from both Sarasota and Pinellas have called us recently….

Leprosy Cases are on the rise.

Leprosy Cases are on the rise.

With all the rain we are receiving an increased amount of calls for Armadillos. The past week alone we received seven calls within a three day period with customers stating that they were having damages, burrows along the side of their homes, digging in the flowers beds, caused by armadillos. One homeowner was in Lakewood Ranch and is renting his home. He was out doing some yard work and found a large hole on the side of the home.

How Would You Like To Come Home To This?

How would,

You like to come home to this on your front porch? A transient swarm of bees found a light on the porch and there was a small opening around the ceiling area where the bees were gaining entry and trying set up their new hive.

Why We Are The Best At Rodent Removal

Well, you have seen our recent posts about rodents and how they can enter thru the sewer and then up and into the living space and attic of your home but this particular job receives the award for the most plumbing affected.

Baby raccoons in a wall

Just a typical Saturday afternoon… And then the phone rings with a stressed manager saying that there was scratching and crying coming from his office wall. So, of course we head out to see what’s going on. We arrive on scene and there is definitely scratching sounds coming from the wall. Right away we poke […]

Raccoons Getting into the Attic

Raccoons got into a flat roof and had babies… We removed 3 juveniles. This photo shows the entry point that was in the soffit.

Bats in the Condo

We went out to inspect one of our local condominiums for a management company that we do a lot of business with and this is what we found… There is a very active Bat issue going on in one of their electrical closets. It appears that there was some rotten fascia and the bats found […]

Large Gopher Tortoise is Visiting

A local RV park called us out today for several things… The first call we received was for what they thought was either an armadillo hole or a turtle’s nest. They were trying to describe it over the phone but I decided it would be better if we just went out and assessed it. We […]

Rats infest home

When rats infest your home, think of them as tenants who don’t pay rent and won’t clean up after themselves. Evict rodents from your premises by calling a professional who knows how to get rats out of attic spaces, walls, ceilings and crawl spaces. One of the first things our wildlife removal company does is […]

Do it yourself doesnt always work

If you’ve been thinking about DIY rat removal, you may want to think again. As you can see, rats created quite a mess in this garage, chewing through storage cabinets, nesting and leaving droppings and filth everywhere. Instead of calling a reliable rat trapping and mouse trapping service, these homeowners decided to go it alone. […]