Some of the most beautiful stuff we see at our jobs.

                    We’re always busy in this line of work. Still, once in a while, we get to see something beautiful as we’re going from one job to the next. In a place like Lakewood Ranch, a very busy and developed area, you wouldn’t expect to see […]

Armadillo trapping

We had a customer call complaining that armadillos were burrowing in her flower beds. The solution was to set a live trap with a border fence.. The fence acts as a guide to force the animal into the trap. Same principal as herding cattle.. Funnel them right into the trap. Should have one in the […]

Squirrels In Attic

If you’ve ever tried to keep a squirrel out of a bird feeder, you know these are very clever, resourceful and agile animals. When it comes to squirrels going in roof spaces are where they go first. From there, they can infest your walls, leaving nests, droppings and debris from their food sources behind. It […]

How to Get Rid of Mice

How to Get Rid of Mice   Florida properties are home to a wide variety of rodents and other uninvited wildlife. Mice are one of the more invasive, quickly reproducing into an infestation, doing damage to baseboards, walls, wiring and other parts of a building’s infrastructure.Once their tell-tale droppings are found on the floor or […]

Health Risks of Raccoons Living in Attics

Health Risks of Raccoons Living in Attics So, you’ve decided an attic restoration is in order, because you own an older home, you’ve recently purchased one that needs a bit of work or the attic has simply been neglected. Suddenly, while you’re in the attic, you come face to face with a set of glowing […]

How I Defeated a Cold Weather Rat Attic Infestation

How I Defeated a Cold Weather Rat Attic Infestation I was never one to take cold weather rat infestation seriously until I tried to crank my car up one cold morning and it wouldn’t start. I then popped the hood to find a huge rat’s nest and droppings all over the place. The pest had […]

Noises in Attic

Noises in Attic It had always been my dream to be able to drag race professionally, and I was finally on my way. I had assembled the best team that I could ask for, my Mustang was almost ready to go, and I had been able to find a house in Bradenton, minutes from the […]

Cortez Coyote Problem

There does not appear to be much anyone can do about coyotes. Guns cannot be fired in residential areas. Poisons are banned. The use of traps is limited.

Sick Raccoons

“These raccoons all had the same symptoms, like lethargy and just kind of walking around during the day.”

Got Bats?

People don’t really know they have a bat problem until they see them coming in and out of the house.