Seminole County Bear Attack

A Heathrow man who thought he heard raccoons rummaging through his garbage got the scare of his life when a Florida black bear attacked him, he said today. David Amsler, 34, took a golf club with him when he went outside on Sept. 26 to frighten away what he thought were raccoons near his garage. […]

More raccoons, less habitat increase risk of attacks

Threats, disease could trigger run-ins BY JIM WAYMER Fuzzy, cute, but tough as nails, a raccoon that feels threatened can rage red in tooth and claw — as a 74-year Lakeland woman found out earlier this month.     The woman tried to shoo a family of five raccoons away from her patio. But mama raccoon […]

Python Killing Neighborhood Cats

PORT ORANGE, Fla. — Homeowners who have dangerous wild pythons slithering around their houses may be stuck with them. While the state is cracking down on wild pythons and, for the first time, allowing hunters to kill the snakes in the Everglades, a Port Orange family is having trouble getting someone to get the python […]

Choosing a Wildlife Professional

Make sure that you choose a licensed, professional, wildlife control company when you have a nuisance animal. Nuisance Wildlife Removal prides itself on upholding the highest of standards. We have the knowledge of true professionals, as well as experienced, licensed personnel who know how to humanely deal with your wildlife problems. And we’ll do it […]

Wanted: New lodgings for family of five.

This week our guy Tommy went on a call about raccoons in an attic. Its a nice neighborhood out in the country, so it sometimes attracts unwelcomed visitors from the nearby Florida wilderness. Accompanied by our company Vice President Christy, the outside of the home was checked and sure enough, the soffit was pulled away […]

Rabies Facts

Domestic animals diagnosed with rabies (Florida 2001) Dogs  1  Cats  16 Cattle 0 Horses/ mules 1 Sheep/goats 0 Swine 0 Other Domestic 0 Wild animals diagnosed with rabies (Florida 2001)  Skunks 0 Foxes 35 Bats 21 Raccoons 130 Rodents/ rabbits 1 Other wild animals 4 Human Rabies (Florida 2001) = none

Coyote Season

This time of year, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) sees an increase in the number of reports of coyotes in urban neighborhoods — and not unexpectedly. As development encroaches upon wildlife habitat, encounters between wildlife and humans are bound to increase, and the coyote is no exception. There is no reason for […]

What a long Week……

Wow it has been a super long week here at Nuisance Wildlife Relocation. The West Palm Beach branch is offically open. Whew… I would like to take a moment to thank Mark Jones for joining our family here at NWR. I have known Mark for a good number of years and we worked together when […]

Feral Hogs

When Ponce de Leon arrived in Florida from Spain in 1513, he became famous for many things. He led the first voyage to Florida, and he was known for founding the legend of the Fountain of Youth. In addition to these, theories say that Florida’s feral hogs are descendants of the swine aboard Ponce de […]

Bat Season Approaches

Florida is home to at least thirteen residential species of bats. They are an amazing animal—the only mammals who can fly! Their wings are very similar to a human hand, with joints that can close and grip. They sleep upside down by wrapping their talons around a branch or other surface. They exert little to […]