Never Ceases to Amaze Me

A lady calls today and asks Christy to come and remove the neighbors cats as they are urinating and defecating in her yard. Christy advises her to call her local county animal control agency. The lady responds what’s the number Christy told her she did not have the number for the county she resides in. The lady on the phone says well look it up for me. Christy says that she is a private company and that she will have to look it up for herself and that she is not information. The lady relpies”F%$#@N C!@T” I could not believe it. What did she think when she called at 6:00 am this morning. We were sitting in a office with our feet up waiting for her to call and then search for a number on the other side of the state? READ THE WEBSITE! it tells you where we service. OMG I could not believe this…. Well I am very proud of Christy for not calling her back and giving her a piece of her mind… Or maybe she is waiting until 3:00 am 😉

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  1. Read about snake (actually rescues of two snakes) in today’s paper. Wow! What happened to the snake?


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