You never know what you might find in the dumpster…

Several commercial properties from both Sarasota and Pinellas have called us recently in regards to raccoons getting into their dumpsters. With all the rain the raccoons are searching for food and what better place to look than the dumpster outback. Unfortunately these raccoons have startled several workers and we have had to come out to trap and remove them.  The customer in Sarasota county actually had a full size raccoon and four baby raccoon’s that had gotten stuck in the dumpster so we had to hand remove all of them.

Raccoon in Commerical Dumpster

Raccoon in Commerical Dumpster

Leprosy Cases are on the rise.

Leprosy Cases are on the rise.

With all the rain we are receiving an increased amount of calls for Armadillos. The past week alone we received seven calls within a three day period with customers stating that they were having damages, burrows along the side of their homes, digging in the flowers beds, caused by armadillos. One homeowner was in Lakewood Ranch and is renting his home. He was out doing some yard work and found a large hole on the side of the home. He phoned us and after describing the damages that were present it was determined that he had an armadillo issue.  We set up an appointment and within three days had successfully trapped two armadillos.

Armadillo in Trap

Armadillo in trap

Another call came in from the north in Fishhawk with the customer complaining that he had seen an armadillo and was waking up to flower bed damage almost everyday. Again, we set a trap and caught the armadillo within two days. Of course both customers were extremely happy with the success of the trapping. They both had concern with the recent increase In Leprosy reports in Florida. As of July 17th 2015 nine people have been diagnosed with the disease so far this year. Whether living in Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Fish Hawk or any other city in Florida caution should be used when gardening / digging in your flower beds where armadillos are present you do not want to become a statistic or carrier of leprosy. Also keep your pets away from those areas as well. Have the armadillos trapped and removed will keep your families safe.

How Would You Like To Come Home To This?

How would, You like to come home to this on your front porch? A transient swarm of bees found a light on the porch and there was a small opening around the ceiling area where the bees were gaining entry and trying set up their new hive.



Bees Invade Porch Light

Bees Invade Porch Light

Why We Are The Best At Rodent Removal

We received the call from our customer stating that they had recently just purchased an older home that was a foreclosure and when they started to remodel it they ran into several rodents and nests throughout and decided that it was time to call in the Rodent Removal Professionals. Upon arrival we looked at the exterior of the home, overgrown with weeds, tons of wood rot, foundation holes wide open and the roof AC was completely missing with a hole big enough for a bear to crawl into let alone a little ‘ol rat and the ridge vent on the metal roof was wide open. At first we were like… maybe we should just walk away from this one… but, after taking a closer look around these were really all very minor issues that needed to be excluded from the exterior it was the interior that we found great big concerns with. The customer had started opening up the walls in the kitchen and there were rat nest everywhere. We could see down to the underneath of the home which was just a dirt foundation as could see the trails coming up along the plumbing lines. We knew right then that what were going to  do on the exterior was minor compared to what needed to be done to the plumbing. So we had SPT, formerly Slueth, come out and give us their assessment. They looked around and said because of the age of the pipes and that they could already see holes throughout the pipes without even doing a vapor test that it was best for the customer to re-plumb the kitchen and bath, it was pointless for them to charge the customer for a test that they knew was going to show fault. As you will note from the pics posted they were dead on… the pipes were literally disintegrating away and the rodents had a wide open free-way to travel. Our customer was as happy as he could be with this news and was glad that he had called us before he decided to do any further work on the home. We worked with his plumber of choice and got everything sealed on the exterior as well, all rodents trapped out and then we did a full attic restoration for them as well. Needles to say the rat express has been permanently closed down in this case!image5resizedimage4resized



Baby raccoons in a wall

Just a typical Saturday afternoon… And then the phone rings with a stressed manager saying that there was scratching and crying coming from his office wall. So, of course we head out to see what’s going on. We arrive on scene and there is definitely scratching sounds coming from the wall. Right away we poke a small inspection hole in the wall so we can insert our bore-scope camera and see just what is causing all of this ruckus. Barely inserted the camera and we can see the cutest little bandit face staring right into the camera. Yes, it was a baby raccoon… So we cut a bigger hole so that we can remove it… We didn’t even get a chance to put our equipment down and glove up to remove the raccoon before he stuck his head thru the hole and crawled right out. We were all admiring him, checking him out to make sure he was ok and then out comes another little head… But this one was a little bigger and wouldn’t fit thru the hole so we had to make it a little bigger to rescue him. They had obviously been nesting up in the attic and fallen down the wall. Momma raccoon was not present … But we are going to return and do a full inspection of the attic.

IMG_8428.JPGraccoon in wall1

Raccoons Getting into the Attic

Raccoons got into a flat roof and had babies… We removed 3 juveniles. This photo shows the entry point that was in the soffit.

Bats in the Condo

We went out to inspect one of our local condominiums for a management company that we do a lot of business with and this is what we found… There is a very active Bat issue going on in one of their electrical closets. It appears that there was some rotten fascia and the bats found it and made it their home. We will be excluding the bats from the active area and then cleaning up the guano (droppings) that they left behind. The association will be replacing the rotten wood and then we will return to inspect and be sure that the area is sealed completely.

Opening in wall animal infestation

Large Gopher Tortoise is Visiting

A local RV park called us out today for several things… The first call we received was for what they thought was either an armadillo hole or a turtle’s nest. They were trying to describe it over the phone but I decided it would be better if we just went out and assessed it. We arrived at just the right time the owner of the hole was just heading back home. As you’ll see in the pictures there is no mistaking this one, it’s a gopher tortoise and it has made quite the home under this golf cart pad. The park is going to decide what they are going to do about having the tortoise removed and relocated. They are a protected species and the relocation of them is a very complex process. The other call we responded to from the park was a rather large yellow jacket’s nest that was unfortunately discovered by the maintenance man mowing the lawn! We were able to take care of the issue almost immediately thus allowing the park to return to normal.


Gopher Tortoise

Tortoise is on sand moving towards his hole

Tortoise hole w view of Golf Cart

Tortoise hole w view of Golf Cart

Hole of Gopher Tortoise

Hole of Gopher Tortoise

Sideshot of Tortoise in Hole
Sideshot of Tortoise in Hole



Rats infest home

rat-soffitWhen rats infest your home, think of them as tenants who don’t pay rent and won’t clean up after themselves. Evict rodents from your premises by calling a professional who knows how to get rats out of attic spaces, walls, ceilings and crawl spaces.

One of the first things our wildlife removal company does is come out for a free inspection. We can find out how the rats or mice are getting into your home. In this case, we could quickly see that overgrown vegetation was the key to their gaining entry. Trees and shrubs growing too close to the siding caused an opening in the soffit. That’s where the rodents were getting in.

Next, we cut back the foliage surrounding the house, closed up the soffit, and trapped the rodents that were still indoors. When rodents can’t get in and have no place to hide outdoors, they’re much more likely to move on to different stomping grounds.

Similarly, if you’re trying to figure out how to get mice out of attic areas, kitchens, cupboards and baseboards, we have fast, efficient solutions for trapping and removing them, and the right equipment for cleaning up what’s left behind. We’ll evict rodents from your home like a landlord who’s fed up with a bad tenant.

Don’t try to handle this problem yourself. Misuse of poisons and using the wrong kind of trap can make the infestation worse and your property damage more expensive. If you’ve been searching for how to get mice out of attic spaces, we can do it for you, quickly and safely. And if you’re worn out from wondering how to get rats out of attic areas, we’ve got those answers, too. Give us a call, and soon you’ll be enjoying a peaceful, clean, rodent-free home.

Do it yourself doesnt always work

photo 1If you’ve been thinking about DIY rat removal, you may want to think again. As you can see, rats created quite a mess in this garage, chewing through storage cabinets, nesting and leaving droppings and filth everywhere. Instead of calling a reliable rat trapping and mouse trapping service, these homeowners decided to go it alone.

That was their first mistake. Rat trapping, and to a similar extent, mouse trapping is never a good idea. Use the wrong kind of bait and you’ve got dead animals in your wall. User the wrong trap and you may be confronted with an injured or aggressive, disease-ridden animal that bites and scratches!

Their second DIY rat removal mistake was worse. These homeowners went to the hardware store and bought rat poison, which they spread all over the garage. There’s a number of reasons you shouldn’t use rat poison on your own. First, rat poison is toxic to humans. Children can get into it and get sick, even die. Second, pets like bait just as much as rats do, and they can easily be poisoned by accident. Finally, handling poisoned bait without proper procedures can lead you to accidentally poison yourself!

Put these two mistakes together and you could have a potential disaster on your hands. Please call a professional service at the first sign of rat or mouse damage in or around your home. Our service people are fully trained in the proper use of humane traps for rat and mice trapping. We can also help you find out where they’re getting in, seal up their points of entry and keep them from coming back. Rat and mice trapping is easy for us and safer for you and your family. Don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation!