The laws concerning the Florida Python Hunt can be confusing.

People seem to be under the impression that the Everglades are now full of hundreds of snake hunters on airboats randomly catching pythons and other large snakes, then collecting a bounty from the state of Florida. That is not the case at all.

Those few who are permitted by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission (the FWC)to hunt the pythons in Florida already posessed a Reptile of Concern license and were screened by the FWC. According to Florida statute, the Burmese Python is a Reptile of Concern. Those who hold a Reptile of Concern license and the Python Permit may search for all reptiles listed as Reptile of Concern. These include the Burmese Python, African Rock Python, Amethystine Python, Reticulated Python, Green Anaconda, and Nile Monitor Lizard.

The “bounty” they will collect is the right to sell the hides and meat from the reptile they catch. They will not be paid cash by the state of Florida.

According to the Florida law, if you find a python in the wild, you do not have the right to kill it. You are required to call a nuisance wildlife trapper, and pay to have it removed.
Even we at Nuisance Wildlife Removal can only trap the reptile, not kill it.

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