Another feral snake found in Florida

HOLIDAY – A large Boa Constrictor was found hiding in a home gutter Tuesday, giving the man who found it quite a scare.
“I ran!” said Joe Saint Aubin, a longtime lawn man who was cutting the grass at a customer’s home when he spotted the bulging five-foot snake peeking from a drain pipe.
“Nobody lives here. These are snowbirds. It has no reason to be here. None of the neighbors lost it. Where it came from, God knows,” he said.
A local trapper took the constrictor, which is believed to have been a pet that either escaped its home or was dumped by its owner. Boa constrictors are not native to Florida, and should not be roaming wild.
Saint Aubin’s find coincides with a congressional hearing looking into the proliferation of non-native species.
Florida Senator Bill Nelson wants to ban exotic snake imports, specifically pythons.
“It’s just a matter of time before one of these snakes gets to a visitor in the Florida Everglades,” said Nelson.
Wildlife officers estimate there are 150,000 to 180,000 pythons loose in Florida.
“Things that belong here are now in competition with these snakes,” said Gary Morse with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.
In addition to highlighting environmental concerns, Senator Nelson also mentioned the story of Shaiunna Hare, the two-year-old who was strangled and killed by a pet python July 1.
Nelson said pythons should be banned as pets.
“I’m glad this damn python is a long way from where I live,” said Michigan Senator Carl Levin.

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  1. At this point it’s hard to tell if these snakes, anacondas, boas and pythons of all species are a result most of established breeding colonies or reckless owners.

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