Some of the most beautiful stuff we see at our jobs.












We’re always busy in this line of work. Still, once in a while, we get to see something beautiful as we’re going from one job to the next. In a place like Lakewood Ranch, a very busy and developed area, you wouldn’t expect to see something like this!

We were on our way back from a rodent inspection one early afternoon, and this is what we saw. A whole group of deer, just peacefully grazing. Moments like this remind us that wildlife is all around, and that it’s not always a problem.

Deer problems do happen sometimes, though. They can get into yards and munch on rosebushes, and they can nibble a young tree down to a stub in a single night. We handle all kinds of deer problems, from living deer that have become pests, to dead deer removal if a deer’s been hit by a car.

As the area gets more and more developed, deer harrasment and deer problems are on the rise in Sarasota and Bradenton. It’s not that they want to bother us, it’s just that their natural environment is getting smaller.

Keep in mind that deer removal is not something you should do on your own. Instances of deer harrasment should be handled by a professional, because deer can be aggressive when cornered, especially when they’re in mating season. They also carry deer ticks that are dangerous to human health.

If you’re having problems with deer, please call us. We can take care of the problem, and give you valuable advice on how to keep them off your property and out in the fields and woods where they belong.

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