Got Bats?

Florida brown bat infestation in the attic.When people think of bats, they usually imagine them in caves. But attics and other dark places can offer an appealing home for bats. If you have an infestation, they might even move into the walls.  A family found hundreds of bats living in the walls of their Houston, Texas house over the summer.  And unless you have an infestation like that, you might not even know you have bats in your home.

“People don’t really know they have a bat problem until they see them coming in and out of the house. Or when they’re selling their home and an inspector goes up in the attic,” says Jeff Norris, of Nuisance Wildlife Removal. And if you’re lucky enough to only have one bat, “You should play the lotto,” jokes Jeff.  Well, not exactly, but you can relax a little knowing that at the very least that bat is a worthwhile defender from other pests. “Bats eat their body weight in insects in one night,” he explains.

If you think you might have an infestation, call a qualified professional like Jeff Norris at Nuisance Wildlife Removal to take care of the problem for you, so you don’t end up contracting rabies or, worse, Histoplasmosis, a lung infection transmitted by airborne spores.

And, Happy Halloween..

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