Noises in Attic

Noises in Attic

It had always been my dream to be able to drag race professionally, and I was finally on my way. I had assembled the best team that I could ask for, my Mustang was almost ready to go, and I had been able to find a house in Bradenton, minutes from the drag strip. My parents were a little upset that I was moving away, but since I was only moving about an hour from Tampa, they decided to help me out with the rent so I could follow my dream.

The Saturday I moved in everything went great. The movers got there and unloaded my things fairly quickly. By night time I was ready to take a shower, relax and take care of a few details for the racing event the following day. That’s when I heard a knock on my door. I hurried to look outside to find an old sweet looking lady standing there, with what seem to be a pie in her hand. I opened the door, and with a big smile she said: “Hello, I’m Rose, your next door neighbor, came to introduce myself and give you this homemade pie. You can eat it tonight, when you are not able to go to sleep”. She laughed, gave me the pie and went on her way.

I barely had any time to thank her before she turned around and started walking away. What she said had struck me in a weird way. Why would this lady tell me that I wasn’t going to be able to sleep tonight? Weird, I thought, as I closed the door and headed to the bedroom. And that is when noises in attic started.

She was right. I wasn’t able to sleep. Coming from the attic the weirdest noises started coming out. It was almost like some sort of animal, running around and making weird and loud noises. I was scared, I didn’t know what was up there, how big it was and if it could hurt me. All I know is that it was alive, and trying to figure out a way to get out.

The next morning the noises stopped. I was exhausted. I was barely able to perform at the racing event, being so tired. That night I got home and went to bed with the hopes that the animal had left and died. But again, the noises in attic continued to keep me awake. It was terrifying. The following morning the noises stopped again. It was weird, for the next few nights it continued to happen, and I started to go crazy.

I had no choice but to leave the house in Bradenton and move back with my parents. But in the back of my head, the intrigue of wanting to know what was up there, and why the neighbor knew about it always hunted me. I hope I can find out some day.

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