Squirrels In Attic

Squirrels Going in RoofIf you’ve ever tried to keep a squirrel out of a bird feeder, you know these are very clever, resourceful and agile animals. When it comes to squirrels going in roof spaces are where they go first. From there, they can infest your walls, leaving nests, droppings and debris from their food sources behind. It can be a very messy problem.

The usual tipoff that you’ve got a squirrel infestation is noises in attic spaces and walls. Once you’ve heard that sound, you know you’re going to need our squirrel trapping and removal services.

Here’s an example. A management company recently called to say their tenants were reporting noises in the attic, and squirrels going in roof holes they could see from the yard. We responded quickly with an initial, free home inspection. Immediately, we saw the problem and how to fix it. We actually saw squirrels going in the roof from tree branches hanging overhead. While we were dialing back to the management company squirrel activity was apparent.

We’ll be going back to this house soon. We will plug the holes where squirrels are getting in, trap them out and clean up their nests and droppings in the attic. The result will be happy tenants, a satisfied management company squirrel free, and a clean, peaceful rental property.

Don’t try to handle squirrels going in attic areas by yourself. They can bite and scratch when cornered, and it takes special equipment and traps to handle them safely and humanely. Our service professionals are well-trained in the habits of squirrels, rodents and many other types of undesirable wildlife.

Give us a call for a free inspection as soon as you hear those scratching noises, or see squirrels going in attic spaces. We’ll come out and solve the problem for you!

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